What do people think about our camp?

Parents and campers were asked a series of question to rank different aspects of the camp.  The Senior Staff, Director, Camp Nurse, and Counselors all received an excellent ranking. The cabins, facility, closing ceremonies and sign in /check out procedures were highly ranked (mostly excellent with one or two good rankings added in).

Below are some comments from the parents and campers.


  • 97% campers ranked staff at “Awesome!”
  • 100% parents want their child to return
  • Most popular class – Archery
  • 61% of campers were new to camp




Comments from the Parent surveys from last summer.

“My “camper” was thrilled, his confidence grew and he wants to attend for two weeks next year. In two years he hopes to be a counselor in training.”

“Keifer enjoyed himself and didn’t want to leave. Thank you.”

“My son thought camp wasn’t long enough!”

“He took so much away from his experience and what he learned…he talked about it all the way home and all weekend.”

“It was a great introduction to an overnight camp. I love that we are able to ease our way into her going for a whole week by herself. She missed her brother a lot but she learned how to cope with that.”

“My child had a great time at camp and can’t wait to come back next year thank you for making my son’s summer”

“Thank you for creating such an enjoyable, memorable experience, We love you!!

“You guys are amazing! I thank you for her unforgettable summer!”

“Thank you for bringing Camp Sacandaga back!”


We asked parents “What was the one thing your child took away
from their camp experience? One thing they learned?”
  • Kindness
  • Both boys made new friends.
  • How to do the flag ceremony!
  • How to survive in the forest.
  • Loved making a bird house!
  • He has the ability to adapt and make friends anywhere.
  • How to cut wood with a hand saw
  • How to paddle a canoe
  • How to socialize with strangers and make new friends
  • Independence & responsibility
  • Always volunteer to help people
Parents ranked the cost of camp from inexpensive (1) to too expensive (5).

23.5% ranked it  1 (Inexpensive)

29% ranked it  2

35% ranked it 3 (Average)

12% ranked it at 4

No parents thought the camp was (5) too expensive .


We asked our campers to tell us what their favorite part of camp was, and to give us a goal for next summer.
Here is what some of them had to say…

“Winning Gaga Ball and showing boys that girls are just as good!” 

“I am most proud of being without electronics all week.”


“I am most proud of being a Star Camper and making new friends”


“I am most proud of the fact I made a tool box!””


“I am most proud of learning how to para-cord which I have wanted to do for a long time.  I also played my ukulele in front of everyone at the talent show”


Campers filled out Surveys at the end of their week at camp. The following are a few responses to some of the questions in the surveys

“I love all the counselors. They are great people that get along well with other campers.”

“Thank you so much for an amazing summer and I hope to see you next year”

“All staff are awesome and I loved the camp!”

“Being a CIT and taking that class. I will always remember creating characters and tokens for campers to own”

“The best part of camp was meeting all of the incredible people and making a special bond with all of them”

“I will always remember my small cabin and all the funny jokes”