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Camp Sacandaga is true to its roots and provides the educational setting for counselors to learn and grow to become the future leaders of America.

There are three key principles that are strongly drilled into both campers and staff alike: kindness, respect, and responsibility. With these core philosophies, it provides the proper instruction to become respectable, productive leaders in life.


On top of providing a traditional, fun camp experience, Camp Sacandaga provides counselors with the proper training to excel in the summer sessions, as well as skills they can apply to their future endeavors.

Here are six examples why camp counselors will be the future leaders of America:

  • Responsibility. Counselors are responsible for the campers assigned to their respective cabin. Therefore, they must learn to care for and lead these campers throughout their time at camp.
  • Leadership. By being in charge of a cabin of campers, counselors must lead by example. This trait wraps tightly with responsibilities, since leaders have a lot of duties to their work and their peers.
  • Freedom. Being away at camp for about a month during the summer comes with the freedom to be on their own. This proves they are mature enough to take care of themselves on their own and manage themselves.
  • Time Management. As counselors, they have the duty of making sure their campers are on time for camp activities and meals. Leaders must know deadlines and important dates, and only by setting aside time will the task be complete.
  • Scheduling. In a traditional camp, campers are given various activities to partake in. Counselors must learn to schedule and plan accordingly.
  • Appreciation. Counselors working at the camp for the summer are in it for many reasons, but it is always important to appreciate the work that is done and strive for growth.

In addition, every summer we hire a Senior Staff team to administratively run and design the Camp program, a full kitchen crew to provide meals and operate our kitchen, and other support staff. These staff typically reside away from the campers in our staff cabins and work tirelessly at all the behind the scenes tasks that make Camp run.

 Junior Counselors volunteer a week of their time and reside in a cabin with our youngest campers, assist with running  classes and activities, and help out around Camp. They are graduates of our Counselor in Training course and are 17 years and older.  It’s a great opportunity to get a taste of what becoming part of our counselor staff in the future could entail. (Junior Counselors assist with the Camp program, but are not in a supervisory position and are never alone with campers.)

Camp Sacandaga is a true traditional camp that provides an amazing experience for both campers and counselors. Not only is it for wholesome fun, but it can provide useful insights towards shaping a future leader.


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