Here are just a few of the changes in store for 2018…

You may have noticed that our website has changed. Many of the changes were due to the comments we received from parents and campers last year! And like our website, we made a few changes to the summer program.


We will be running 4 session this year instead of 3, and they begin the week after the 4th of July.  Sessions still run from Sunday to Friday.

Updated Camp Schedule – we are moving around a few activities so that we have more time for each of the classes. A new copy of the  Camp Schedule is available here.

Family fun days- at the end of each session we will have activities for your whole family! From 2 pm to 4 pm we will offer programs that you and your children can participate in, all culminating in the closing ceremonies at 4 pm.

New Classes -Visit the Classes page to see the cool new classes, like Fort building and Stings-N-Things.

Canoeing and Fishing are now offered every day! They are offered during the last class period, and often spill into free time.

CIT 2 class is now offered during rest hour and during other free times throughout the day. Don’t worry Teens- you will still have time to hang out with your friends and enjoy Teen Time!

New programs- Some of the ideas being tossed around include a night-time mission impossible game, night walks, all camp hide n seek (a twist on the camp game sardines), predator prey game, Miner 49er and a few other crazy activities. Watch our facebook page for details.

Camp Store- We will have the camp store open during free times and during teen times every night. We are adding neat snack items and some other cool items for you. Don’t forget to put money on your store accounts when you register!


As you can see , we are always working toward making the program exciting for new and old campers alike. See you soon at summer camp!