We want to make sure that your child’s needs are met. We have a nurse on camp while your child is here, and most of our staff are trained in First Aid and CPR. The New York State Department of Health has very specific guidelines for camps that we must follow, so we have specific requirements for forms for your child.

Please take the time to fill out all of the information on your health form so we can make sure your child has a safe and successful week of camp.


Our nurse can not give out any medications, including over the counter medications to your child unless we have written orders from your child’s physician. Pharmacy labeling on the medication is not sufficient for this purpose.

All prescription medication must be in their original container with labeling that includes but is not limited to: Complete name of patient / Date prescription filled /Expiration date / Directions for use, precautions (if any) / storage (if any) / Dispensing pharmacy name & address / Name of physician prescribing medication

The MEMA FORM (Medical Exam and Mediation Administration Form) will have a place for your doctor to list the medications your child will take at camp, and to sign so we can administer them.


If your child has not received immunizations, a written and digitally signed statement from you, the parent or guardian, stating the reason (due to their religious beliefs, immunosuppression, serologic immunity, medical, etc.), must be included with the child’s health history. We will be using the NYS Immunization record to check details on your child.

No child will be prevented from attending camp because he/she is not immunized!

Food Allergies

For campers with severe food allergies that require an epi-pen to be brought to camp, parents need to complete an additional form with detailed information on how the camper needs to be treated in case of exposure.

We do not use nuts or nut oils in camp recipes. However, we are not a nut-free camp, because we do serve peanut butter (in individual service cups), granola bars, and some candies, snacks, and desserts that contain nuts or have been manufactured in a factory where nuts are present. If you have additional questions regarding our food service or your specific dietary needs, please contact our office.

Dietary Needs

Special dietary needs (Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, etc.) need to be specified on the health form so that we can alert counseling and/or food service staff to any allergies or needs and can order appropriate amounts of food items for our salad bar. People with highly specialized dietary needs or preferences need to talk with our Chef at least one week prior to camp attendance.

We will provide some special food items (for example, gluten free breads and pastas) only for campers and staff specifying the allergy on their health form before camp.  More specific information can be found in our Parent Guidebook.

If you have additional questions regarding our food service or your specific dietary needs, please contact our office

Special Needs

Camp Sacandaga is an accepting and nurturing environment for children of all ability levels. Our nurturing staff have been trained to work with a variety of needs. Camp is able to accommodate children of many ability types, but we do ask that your child be independent with self care and hygiene, be able to exercise personal safety and have a regard for the safety of others, and be responsive to directives given by our staff.

In order to meet some specific needs, we are required to have specialized training for our staff and increase our staff ratios. We need to be aware of your child’s needs well in advance of camp. Unfortunately if we do not have advanced notice, we can not prepare our staff, and may not be able to accept your child into our program.

If you have any questions about the responsibilities and expectations of your camper, feel free to contact our staff. Through out numerous years of experience we have made many happy campers with children that had a range of abilities.