Have you HERD?

Did you know that last summer 86% of the new campers heard about camp from a friend? And did you know that the American Camp Association has studies that show that word of mouth accounts for over 80 percent of referrals to camp. The best way for someone to learn about camp is from a person who went to camp or has a child that goes to camp. That is why we have the HERD program….

Yup, you HERD me… I’m talking about our new camper recruitment bring a friend program at camp. If you are a camper here at camp and you invite your friend to join you for a week of camp, you can get rewarded!

Yup – $50 off your next registration! And a really cool, limited edition, not for sale in the store, Fred the Moose Shirt.

And you can get $50 for each friend after that?

“Bring three friends and get a week of camp for free.


A whole week of camp, just for sharing this awesome place!”

And did you know that if you get three (3) friends to come to camp…


Yup, it’s all true. There are just a couple of rules that apply.

1. You have to already be a registered camper. So sign up now!

2. Your friend must be someone new to camp. They can be your BFF, a little brother or sister, or even someone from school or a club.  and if your “friend” comes more than one week, each week counts as one referral. They come two weeks, that counts as two friends!

3. When they register, your friend has to check ” HERD referral” and put your name in the box provided when they answer the question “Where did you hear about camp? “.

4. Your friend has to be registered and paid in full before you get the discount.


So- How do you use your HERD funds ???

1. Apply the reward to another session.

2. Apply it to a session next summer.

3. Use it for the camp store

4. Or you could donate the amount to a camper that is in need of a campership!

If you have any questions, please let us know! If you need any literature or handouts, we can send them to you. And if you want to arrange a party and have us come and talk to folks at your house, we can do that too!

Don’t wait- 

Tell your friends about camp and be a part of the HERD!!!!