Freezing For a Reason is a fund raising event set up by the Summer Camp Staff at Camp Sacandaga. We believe that all children should have the chance to have a week of summer camp. Not all families can afford it, so last year we raised over $12000 for campers to attend our summer camp program. 

Last year the Director, Jim Tavares, helped to raise $5000 through an online campaign. When the fundraiser stalled, Jim offered to jump into the lake in the middle of the winter. Click here to see the video… As a result we met our goal!

To keep with this tradition, 6 camp staff have volunteered to jump into Lake Pleasant in February. The staff are Kyle, Courtney, Adaiah, Judi, Kat and Jim. Each staff have promised to help raise money for 5 campers, so we will be able to have 30 new campers enjoy a week of summer camp. 

When you donate, please indicate which staff member you are donating toward. And we invite you to visit and watch us jump in!

Thank you for making memories that last a lifetime!

Click here to have an impact on the life of a child!


Here are the brave souls who will jump into the lake…

Adaiah is 100% ready to go!


Funds so far … $175.00

“They called me the abdominal snowman in high school.”


Funds so far … $180.00

“The cold never bothered me any way.”


Funds so far … $165.00

Why is Judi raising money? She says…”Camp gave me a place to belong…twice


Funds so far … $1225.00

Kat was one of the first to volunteer, Why is she doing it? She loves letting campers discover new things.

Her quote for the dip…”Not even ‘baby shark’ can keep me away…do, do do do do*”

*reference to the camp song Baby Shark…


Funds so far … $666.00

“Wait!!! I agreed to do what??? I’m still freezing from last year!”


Funds so far … $325.00

Keep checking back with us to see how everyone is doing!