Jim Tavares

Camp Director

Jim Tavares has been a summer camp professional for over 30 years.  Like so many do, he fell in love with the concept of camp when he was a counselor in his teens and has never looked back. Since then, he has worked as a program coordinator, a naturalist, an outdoor education, and an assistant camp director. However, he felt he found his true calling when he became the Assistant Director at Hidden Valley 4-H Camp. Refining camp programs, improving camp facilities, leading staff training, and most simply put, running summer camp, became Jim’s ultimate passion. He went on to be the director of 4-H Camp Sacandaga from 1994 to 2000, and as the Director a LG Cook 4-H Camp from 2001 to 2015.  After over 20 years in the director position, Jim found there was still one place left to go. This was accomplished when he became the director and owner of Camp Sacandaga, where he is able to distill all his passion  for youth development into a brand-new camp program, with an old camp heart.

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