When your child signs up for camp, you will be a number of activities that you can sign your child up for. Every morning we offer two class activity periods and one class in the afternoon. You will sign up your child for which activities they would like during these times when you sign up for camp online. You can switch these classes up to two weeks before the session, as long as there is still room in the new class you are requesting.

Archery- One of our most popular classes- Our certified instructors will teach you the basics of range safety and will help you to improve your archer skills at our range. We have many challenging archery games (like tic tac toe or Battleship) to help you to become a better archer!

Bushcraft – Do you know what to do if you are lost in the woods? Can you start a fire, make a shelter or find water? Do you know the rule of Threes? To learn these and more, join us for this outdoors class.  You can also be one of the camp elite in the Golden Match Club when you light a fire with just one match.

Campfire Cooking- There is nothing like cooking over an open fire. Learn the different types of fires to cook on. Create culinary delights over the fire. Make cobbler in a dutch oven. Learn about trail and camping nutrition in this fun, hands on class.

Canoeing* – There’s more to canoeing than just hopping in one and paddling around. Canoe Class will introduce all the basic equipment and cover all the canoeing needed terminology. Campers will learn and master everything from J-Strokes to T-Rescues, all while enjoying quality time floating around Sacandaga Lake. (Campers must be able to hike 20 minutes to the beach at Moffitts State Park.) This class takes up the first and second class period, since it takes time to get there and back again. There is an extra fee for this class and an age limit of 12 and older.

Classic Camp Crafts- We go back to the glory days of camp crafts to bring back the classics- basket making, clay projects, tie dye, bracelets and boondoggle . We also will sprinkle in a few newer type crafts. Show us your creative side!

Counselor In Training 1 – This first level class will help campers to learn about themselves and working with others. Basic counselor skills will be discussed. This class is for campers 14 years old and older.

Fort Building- Remember the days (parents) when you would play out in the woods and build a fort? We will be taking children out into the woods and helping them to build forts. We will supply them with basic supplies and teach them knot tying to help them get started. All forts will be built at ground level, and the staff mill maintain a watchful eye to make sure the construction is safe.

Pool Games- We want to help you to feel comfortable in the water while helping you become a stronger swimmer. Our certified instructor will work with you in our pool to get you moving around in the water in no time. And we play lots of games! Marco polo…Sharks and Minnows…dive for the rings- so many games so little time. If you like to play in the water, then this class is for you!

Skits and Drama- Learn how to perform in front of others! Put on a classic camp skit in front of the entire camp, or create a whole new production! Drama games and instruction will help improve your skills.

A Walk in the Woods is a trailblazing class where campers will walk on unexplored areas of our camp. This year we also will be exploring the additional 24 acres across the road from camp, and making new trails! Learn about the animals that live in the woods around the camp, learn how to make a trail and set up a game camera to see what happens when you are not around. Check out areas that haven’t been visited in years! Find cool old landmarks and create a new trail for camp. (this is the wildlife class and hiking class from last summer combined!)

Wood Working Basic*- Interested in Wood working? You will use basic carpentry skills to assemble precut kits to make bird houses and other types of projects. You will learn how to use a saw, how to hammer nails, and how to sand projects to make a finished project. There is an extra fee for this class.

Wood Working Advanced*  – (Ages 13-16) Building something you can take home with your own to hands. In this class we will show you how to use scraps of wood to create projects you can be proud of…Birdhouses, shelves, picture frames, wood burning and many other types of projects. All items are built with good old fashion hand tools. If you finish your project early, you will help the instructors to make a project for camp! There is an extra fee for this class.


Special Class- Classes not offered during normal class times.

Counselor in Training 2 – This is our second level of the training program for young people who want to become staff. The goal of this class is to teach the campers about leading campers in a cabin, the job of a counselor, about working and dealing with children and situations they will face, and continue building peer skills. This class is for camper 15 years and older. This group of campers typically meet during Rest Hour and in the evenings.

Counselor In Training 3 – This is the final step in our Counselor in Training Program. If a camper successfully passes the program, they may be invited back for a second week to learn the final pieces of being a camp counselor. Campers must be 16 years old or older and have participated in CIT I and II programs. This program is only offered the first session at camp.