We offer many opportunities to help those in need to attend our camp program. Since our funds are limited, we ask that if your child attends another camp program, or you can afford to pay for a week of camp, that you do not take funds from families that truly are in need. If you need  partial funding, please let us know. Some alumni who donate may not have the full campership amount, but want donate to help campers.

The Process…
  1.  When you click the link to apply, you will be asked to create an account..You will need to set up an account in our database for us to accept the application.
  2. Once you have the general information in the account, you will not be able to pick a session until you have a form of “payment”. Once we receive the application and reference, your application will be reviewed by the committee.
  3. Once we award you with a campership, we will send you a confirmation email with a “code” to put in so that you can register your child into a session. This code helps you to get your child into classes and sessions until we can determine the amount of the campership that we will provide.
  4. You will need to have someone fill out a reference. Typically families use someone from their school, a social worker or close family friend. Send them this link to the Recommendation Form (http://campsacandaga.com/camper-recommendation-form/) or send us an email and we will send them a link. They can fill it out and submit it. We will not award a campership without a reference!!!

The campfire council will determine which youth will receive camperships. We typically will not award them until mid-May. We will send you confirmation once we make the decisions.


To apply, Please click this link – Camper Application