You are about to go on an Adventure!

And we are as excited about you becoming a part of our camp!

Everything you need to know about camp…

But were afraid to ask…

We want you to have a great time while you are at camp. Here are a few things you may need to know about when coming to stay.

Most of this is covered in the camper survival guide (Camper Survival Guide ).

It’s a book that has all kinds of stuff- so much stuff we can’t list it all here. 


We are a traditional summer camp where you sing songs, perform in skits at the talent show, play in all camp games, make smores around the campfire and have fun in the Adirondack Mountains.

Campers come from all over New York State, but mainly from Upstate NY. Campers are ages 8 to 16.

Your Cabin will have other campers your age and at least one adult counselor.

You can choose your activities when you sign up for camp. A list of classes for this summer can be found here.

Click here for a full packing list.

Camp is very casual. Bring clothes for all temperatures -it can switch from hot during the day to chilly at night quickly.

Please don’t bring clothes with any inappropriate words or phrases on them,  or any pieces of clothing that do not cover all parts of your body that should remain covered.  A good ground rule is, if you can’t wear it at school, you can’t wear it at camp.

Camp is a place for running and playing and jumping and thus we need the correct shoes to do all of that. Many activities require closed toe shoes (sneakers or hiking boots) and all sandals MUST have heel-straps.  We have seen too many unfortunate foot injuries cause by unreliable shoes to allow any exceptions.






Here are some other items on the “Don’t Bring It” list…

  • Flip-flops – we want to make sure your feet are as healthy as everything else.
  • Fireworks
  • Pocket cash
  • Knives of any kind.
  • Medication , vitamins or any supplements that was not prescribed to your by a doctor. All medications must be given to the nurse when you arrive.
  • Tobacco, alcohol, or illegal drugs

Camp is no cell phone zone. No phones, no exceptions. Any camper found with a phone could be sent home early.

But here’s the real twist…you’re going to love it. For seven-days out of the whole year you will be completely free of light up screens. You’ll get to make friends, and the only way to communicate with them is to talk to them, and the only people you can talk to will be right next to you.

This extends to screens of all kind! Please don’t bring small personal gaming systems. You’ll have more fun talking to your bunk mate about what you did during the day.





Life in Your Cabin

One of our favorite things about Camp is it’s a genuine classic-all-American-stay-over-sleep-away Summer Camp. You show up Sunday evening, stay straight through till Friday, and in the meantime camp is your home away from home. Or more specifically, one building on camp is your home away from home. That building is your cabin.

Our cabins are simple and rustic. Four walls and a roof keep your dry if it happens to rain, warm if it’s chilly at night, and shaded and cool (-er) in the heat of a July day. There are five sets of bunks (ten beds) ,with a counselor bed next to each door. Usually two counselors live in each cabin, and at least one is present at all times.

What happens each day

We have an action packed day- with lots of great stuff happening all the time. You will learn new things, play all camp games, and even have time to socialize with your new camp friends. Here is the daily schedule .

All Camp Programs

We play all kinds of games during the evening, like the All Camp Capture the Flag or the Predator /Prey game. We will have cabin choice activities, a talent show and many other activities that you will really enjoy!  Some of the ideas being tossed for this year include a night-time mission impossible game, night walks, all camp hide n seek (a twist on the camp game sardines), predator prey game, Miner 49er and a few other crazy activities. Watch our facebook page for details.

Classes at camp

During the day you will have the chance to learn cool stuff! We have classes in wood working where you build stuff out of wood. The camplore class is where you learn to survive in the woods. We offer archery lessons and games in the pool. We even have an all new class …Fort Building!

You can chose these classes when your parents sign you up!

Classes for 2018



                                    “Viking” Meal

The Food at Camp

Last summer 100% of the campers surveyed gave our camp food a five star rating!!!  We have a wonderful kitchen staff here at camp whose only goal all summer long is to provide you with delicious food during you stay here at Camp. 

There is a snack provided each night during the evening activity. Fresh Fruit will also be available. Attention is paid to make sure the food is not only delicious, but provides a healthy balance for the active lifestyle of camp.
Food allergies and special dietary needs are accommodated as noted on your Health Form. Click here for the sample menu plan.

The Rules at Camp

Kindness, Respect and Responsibility. That it! Our rules are simple.

Each week here at Camp, we create a brand new community. It’s made of our staff, counselors, and all of you living together in the woods . That can be a lot of people together in one place,and we want to make sure everybody gets along.

If you treat the camp, your fellow campers, and the counselors with kindness and respect, we know you are going to have a great time here at camp. And if you take responsibility for yourself, you will find that you can do things you never knew you could.




The Counselors

The heart of the summer staff is our cabin counselors. Our staff are here to help you have a great time at camp! They are hand picked from schools and colleges from all over the state. Some even come from out of state!

We provide them with a lot of training to make sure they can keep you safe.

And every one of them are excited to be here with you this summer!

Camper survival Guide

We made a guide for you to answer all of those questions we could not answer here. Click the link below to look at a copy of that guide.

Camper Survival Guide

Camp Photos

We know you want to know what camp looks like. We have many pictures for you to look at. Just follow this  link.


Life after camp

After camp you are going to want to keep in touch with other campers. You can join (after you ask your parents!) our camp facebook page. Many of our staff and other families use that site to talk to each other. And it’s a great place to see photos from your stay at camp!


Still have questions? Just send and email to Jim the Director and he will get back to you as soon as possible. We look forward to seeing you at camp!